The Engagement: Love You To The Moon And Back

June 4, 2017

I am going to propose to my girlfriend at the NASA Kennedy Space Center, said no guy ever, but it worked for me. On the surface, sounds like an idea from another planet, see what I did there? Anyway, if you’re still reading this article, I’m guessing you’re thinking that I have lost my mind and this idea of proposing at a museum would never work for you. You’re probably right, but give me a second before you go full blown Joe Wilson to Barrack Obama, “You Lie”.

Why It Worked

The reason my engagement idea worked is simply because I listened. Anyone who listens with an intent to understand, as opposed to an intent to reinforce a position they had before the other person even started talking, will be successful in all aspects of life. After gathering your information through the course of daily conversation, proper planning and execution imperative, there were many times on April 22nd, 2017 where I thought I blew it, she has to know I’m going to propose, but as you can tell by the image to the right, either I actually pulled it off or my fiancee deserves the Emmy for The Best Actress in a daytime proposal at the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

I knew early on in our relationship that I would eventually make Zaidy my wife, so I started planting seeds three to six months prior to my intended proposal date. As you can see from the images, I had a photographer with us every step of the way, photographing our movements leading up to the proposal. Right now you’re saying to yourself, she had to know something was going on if a photographer was there with you, but I promise you she didn’t and I will tell you why later.

A Metal Detector! Seriously?

Before I get to that, you might want to listen up closely here and avoid areas where the engagement proposal could be derailed even before it gets started. Unless you are proposing with a rubber band, you might want to call the venue to see if they have metal detectors and plan accordingly, because if you are unprepared for this, upon emptying your pockets, the whole element of surprise is pretty much lost. I’m guessing that conversation between Zaidy and I would have went something like this. “Baby, what’s that”? My response, “we are going to pretend that you didn’t just see your engagement ring at 10am in the morning when we walked into the theme park, especially since I am not proposing in front of the space ship until later in the day when the photographer gets here. So if you could just forget you ever saw your engagement ring that was supposed to be a surprise, that would be great, thanks.” Insert Men In Black flashing light here.

After I got pass the metal detectors, I went into full blown space geek mode and actually enjoyed the theme park. The coolest part for me, had to be the Rocket Garden. Side eye from my fiancee as she sits next to me as I write this, because the coolest part is supposed to be the actual engagement. I really can’t do it justice in words, so here is the picture.

Was It Really A Surprise

Back to the original question. How in the world did I propose with a photographer and my girlfriend didn’t expect it, well it’s really quite simple. I am an internet marketing professional and I simply mentioned that the purpose of the trip was business, so I could set up a photo shoot with a photographer and we could take images of the theme park to write a post about it for our readers. I guess I told a white lie or did I?