You Shouldn’t Tolerate Diversity

July 30, 2017

I’m sure you landed on this page because of the title of the article. You’re thinking, I can’t stand this type of bigotry and this is the point of the article where you leave this blog never to return again. Sorry to hear that, but I’m going to double down on my initial statement, which is, you shouldn’t tolerate Diversity.

This type of attitude towards diversity is not a foreign entity, and the beginnings of this post are a result of receiving counsel from a very well respected South Florida Community activist. As I’m listening to what he is saying, I’m having the same reaction that you’re probably having right now. It’s 2017, and you’re telling me that I shouldn’t tolerate diversity.

Define Tolerate?

What was even more surprising, was the fact that we were at an event where the focus was to promote diversity. A wide variety of nationalities were represented. Musical groups consisting of members from every corner of the globe speaking in their native tongue were giving performances. Dance groups were on hand as well, expressing themselves in a way that can not be replicated by any other art form.

Over and over throughout the course of the night, the statement was hammered into our psyche. You shouldn’t tolerate diversity. Eventually, the Pastor dived into the definition of the word tolerate. Tolerate literally means, to put up with or allow. When looking at it from that perspective, the pastor is absolutely correct, you shouldn’t tolerate diversity, you should celebrate it.

Diversity Personified

As an immigrant from the Bahamas who was granted citizenship in this amazing country, I don’t tolerate diversity, I celebrate it. As the proud fiancee of a Dominican immigrant who was granted citizenship in the United States of America, I don’t tolerate diversity, I celebrate it. To take it a step further, my grandmother and her daughters migrated to this country in 1982. Diversity wasn’t popular back then, and if there weren’t certain segments of the population that celebrated diversity, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to live the American Dream today.

Who Told You To Celebrate Diversity?

Every Sunday at Potential Church, my fiancee and I are challenged with thought provoking teachings. We struggled for a very long time on where to go to church as a couple. She grew up Catholic and I grew up Baptist, so we knew we would have to find a suitable compromise in terms of where we worship.

After jumping around to different churches for a few Sundays, it was clear that Potential was the place for us. Whenever Pastor Brian Vasil is given the opportunity to preach he never disappoints and his teaching on diversity is evidence of this. Troy Grambling is the lead Pastor and his teachings are awesome as well. Thankfully, we don’t have to fight on where to go to church on Sundays anymore, but now we fight over who the best Pastor at Potential church is, it never stops.

Irrespective of who preaches on Sunday, the message is always impactful. Whether that’s Pastor Troy or Pastor Vasil, we always leave Potential Church stronger than we came in. If we can’t go, we listen to the teachings on the Potential Church App and we suggest you do the same.